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Golf-Cart Battery From JB Battery 


Lithium golf cart batteries have been taking the world by storm since 2018! Don’t believe us? EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha now all offer their carts straight from the manufacturing facility with Lithium Ion batteries. Yes. And whereas these producers nonetheless supply carts with traditional deep-cycle Lead Acid batteries, we see that getting phased out within the coming years. China Lithium Ion golf cart battery factory is getting large demand of manufacturing of Li-ion battery. These batteries are excessive power efficient and confirmed as sport changer.

So why the shift to lithium? What makes Lithium batteries so much better to be used with golf carts than traditional flooded lead-acid batteries that have been used for decades? The good thing about using lithium-ion battery really suggest the identical which you're in search of so industries are replacing batteries with Li-ion batteries.

- Faster charging time than Lead Acid

Lithium Golf Cart batteries from China custom ev lithium ion battery factory cost faster than Lead-Acid batteries. For example, once a conventional golf cart has spent its vitality and run out of charge, it takes roughly eight hours (on average) to recharge again to full energy. Lithium batteries can be recharged as much as 80% of max capacity in only one hour, and absolutely charged in solely 3 hours.

- Last longer life

Lithium batteries last longer, as a result of the lithium battery chemistry will increase the variety of cost cycles the battery can deal with. The average lithium ion golf cart battery can cost 3,000 to five,000 cycles in its life vs. the typical lead-acid battery charging just 1,000 complete cycles.

- Less battery weight

Lithium-ion batteries (seventy two lbs.) weigh just 1/4 the burden of traditional Lead-Acid batteries (325 lbs.). So if you convert your golf cart to lithium, your cart will lose 300 lbs. in weight. This major weight reduction will make your cart faster, extra “gasoline” (battery) environment friendly, and increases your journey top a bit (from ½ inch to 1 inch). For 6 and 8-passenger seventy two-Volt carts, the weight reduction is over four hundred lbs. (saving your corporation valuable charging time)!

- Less upkeep

Batteries don’t require any maintenance. No extra filling with water. No extra corrosion. This is a HUGE selling point for individuals who use their golf cart commercially (resorts, concert venues, and so forth.). The change to lithium means you not have to keep up your golf cart batteries. Just charge them, and go!

Another factor to notice with reference to upkeep is what occurs to your electrical cart if you end up not utilizing it? When you don’t use your traditional Lead-Acid golf cart batteries for 1-month, they may lose as much as 33% of their charge (substantial)! Meaning in case your cart were to sit for only a few months, it might not work if you went to make use of it once more.

Lithium batteries on the other hand will only lose 2-3% of their cost per 30 days when not being used. Meaning your cart may sit for a complete 12 months and nonetheless have 75% of its battery left.

- Discharging takes longer time

Traditional Lead-Acid golf cart batteries “get tired” when you are utilizing them. As they warmth up and lose charge throughout your drive, additionally they lose whole power (meaning your cart goes slower, and has less torque the lower your battery cost stage is).

Lithium ion golf cart batteries work at full power all the best way till they are absolutely discharged (similar to your cellular phone). This implies that even if your cart has 10% battery left, it's going to still have full power, speed and torque all the best way down to zero% charge.

These advantages are making Li-ion battery much more dependable to make use of in any energy system. So industries are changing earlier used battery with new Li-ion battery. LifePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack Supplier JB Battery plays a big position on developing quality batteries for golf carts. Depending upon the requirement of size, power storage and longer lifespan JB Battery is attempting to provide proper solution to purchasers.

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