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Pressure Switches Made By Unionwell 


These excessive-quality mechanical stress switches have been developed particularly for security-critical functions. The great benefit of mechanical pressure switches is that no provide voltage is required for the switching course of.

In production, the switches are traced by quality assurance software at every step and subsequently are a hundred % tested.
Due to its compactness, the model PXA strain switch could be put in in measurement environments with limited space. The sturdy switch enclosure from chrome steel 316 can withstand the rough and corrosive operating conditions of the method industry with working ranges of up to 1,000 bar.

The pressure switch is fitted with micro switches, which make it possible to switch an electrical load of up to AC 250 V, 5 A instantly within a repeatability of 1 % of the set point.
Depending on the application, the appropriate variant for the contact model and the electrical connection may be chosen; e.g. hermetically sealed micro switches are suitable for corrosive ambient circumstances and DPDT contact variations for 2 separate circuits.
A Belleville spring ensures simultaneous triggering of the DPDT contact and increases the steadiness and vibration resistance as a result of snap-appearing behaviour.

For safety functions, the strain switch is optionally available with SIL-2 or SIL-3 functionality.

Pressure monitoring and control of processes
-Safety-critical functions in general process instrumentation, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and gasoline industries, power technology incl. nuclear energy crops, water/wastewater industries, mining
- For gaseous and liquid, aggressive and extremely viscous or contaminated media, also in aggressive atmosphere
- For measuring points with restricted house, e.g. management panels

The most necessary standards for choosing the right pressure switch are:

- the type of strain
- the applying space (e.g. Ex or security system with SIL necessities)
- the setting range (at which strain the pressure switch ought to switch) and the working range
- the contact model (what number of switch factors does the client have, how many circuits does the shopper want to control)
- and the electrical rating

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