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Du Lich den Vietnam 


On the journey, on the slopes, you will encounter the terraces browned stretches interspersed the array of color of the hill is bald mixed color of the upland corn planted scattered all over the place... On November 11, is the month of harvesting the wheat of the people here, the people carrying instruments on the climb up the mountain to the rice fields of his start a harvest season full of busy but full of inspiration. The brocade jackets hiding out after the dust rice on big mountains makes me poignant sense of human truth, little before the nature immense, majestic. On to the walls, far away saw the small house, on the high mountains. To the Japanese, English, children, funny joke with laughter khanh hotel make people feel cheery and full of admiration. Because even Though life remains especially difficult, your not about to, in majority, are poor, eat not enough, no, but still no loss in light in the same smile still often axis on the lips the kid this high. Located at isolated, Chiang Grace, owner of a beauty so unspoiled hard and promises a destination hard to raise for you . More details: Du Lich

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